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TunesViewer is a small, easy to use program to access iTunes-university media and podcasts in Linux.


  • Direct searching, browsing, and downloading.
  • Supports itunes-University login, to download students-and-staff-only media.
  • Reveals the standard rss-podcast-feed of the itunes-podcasts, for use in any podcast software.
  • Includes the option to set itself as default protocol handler, to go directly from the "loading itunes-U..." page to viewing with TunesViewer.


  • Automatic podcast updates, auto-downloads and transfers: this program isn't a general-purpose podcast manager, but it can add podcasts to rhythmbox/gpodder/amarok/etc.
  • iTunes Store: this will not let you connect to iTunes store accounts or buy anything.

Minimum System Requirements:

Tunesviewer works well even on older computers, but you must have pygtk >= 2.16 and lxml available. This shouldn't be a problem for recent versions of Ubuntu, Fedora etc., as these prerequisites should be taken care of automatically by package managers. Unfortunately the current Tunesviewer 2.0 does not run on Ubuntu 17.10 and similar systems due to WebKit packaging. A new version with WebKit2 is in the research phase.


  1. Download the install package: (.deb installer for Ubuntu/Debian based operating systems, .rpm installer for Fedora/Red Hat based operating systems).

  2. Open the package and it should install. After installing, you should see TunesViewer on your Applications - Internet menu.

  3. Important post-installation setup: Go to TunesViewer preferences (in the Edit menu), and select the download-folder. Choose the folder you want to download to. If you select your rhythmbox/amarok library directory they should automatically add to your library.

The main project of TunesViewer is hosted on

Running from Git Checkout

After checking out the latest master (or other branch), double click and run src/

Building a Debian Package

Building a Debian Package from the git repository, ready for installation in your system is as easy as:

  1. Installing the packages build-essential, debhelper, fakeroot, and python
  2. Checking out the debian branch of this project (and optionally merging in other branch)
  3. Typing fakeroot debian/rules clean binary

If you encounter problems, make sure debian/rules and the python files in src/ are executable.

Experimental Debian Packages

Moderately recent and ready-to-install packages for Debian-based systems (like Ubuntu, Linux mint and others) taken from this development tree are provided in Rogério Theodoro de Brito's PPA.

You are welcome to install them and to report potential issues with respect to the packaging in this project's issue tracker.