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wssh ("wish") is a command-line utility/shell for WebSocket inspired by netcat

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wssh - websocket shell

wssh ("wish") is a command-line utility/shell for WebSocket inpsired by netcat.


  • Assumes Python 2.7

It uses currently uses gevent 0.13, so you may need to install libevent. This is because it uses the great work in ws4py. My gevent websocket server+client in there could probably be generalized to work with Eventlet; then this could be trivially ported to Eventlet to drop the libevent dependency.

If you don't have libevent installed already, install it prior to running You can install libevent using apt-get on Ubuntu or brew on a Mac.

git clone git://
cd wssh
python install


Listen for WebSocket connections on a particular path and print messages to STDOUT:

wssh -l localhost:8000/websocket

Once connected you can use STDIN to send messages. Each line is a message. You can just as well open a peristent client connection that prints incoming messages to STDOUT and sends messages from STDIN interactively:

wssh localhost:8000/websocket


Feel free to fork and improve.



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