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JSON Validator

A validation tool to confirm the formatting of agency.gov/data catalog files. This validates the format against the schema defined in Project Open Data

What Problem This Solves

After generating a federal government data catalog file, it can be difficult to know whether that file conforms with the specification.

How This Solves It

This parses a JSON file and indicates whether it's conformant.

Building and running locally

This is an HTML/Coffeescript application. It uses linked repos, so in order to run this locally, you should do the following after cloning:

 cd json-validator
 git submodule init
 git submodule update

Then you should be able to simply browse the 'json-validator/index.html' file

If you want to make changes, you should change the '.coffee' files, and compile them with the coffeescript compiler:

 coffee -c js/*.coffee

You can find information about coffee script here