A stream search engine for the Internet of Things (back-end)
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IoT-Framework Engine

Welcome to the "Project CS 2013" project


You can check out a demo of the IoT-Framework here: IoT-Framework demo.

Installing the project

  1. Download and compile the linux system dependencies, (only needed once per machine)

    make install_linux_deps

  2. Download and compile the project dependencies, and compile the project sources

    make install

Running the project

  1. Run the application by using startup script (one of the commands below)

    make run_all
    sudo ./scripts/sensec.sh start
  2. Alternative run (type each in separate shells)

    make run_rabbit
    make run_es
    make run_nodejs
    % don't forget to export R_HOME for example
    export R_HOME="/usr/lib/R"
    make run
  3. To shutdown either close each individual shell or run one of the commands below

    make stop_all
    sudo ./scripts/sensec.sh stop

Running tests

  1. There are two ways of setting up the environment for testing. Either run the startup script by one of the below commands.

    make test_setup
    sudo ./scripts/sensec.sh test_setup
  2. Or run each of the following commands in a separate shell

    make run_rabbit
    make run_es
    make run_nodejs
    make run_fake_resource
  3. Run the tests

    make test

Code Status

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