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Prot16 general resources

Prot16 is a collection of 16-colour-palette schemes. These consist of 8 base values, divided by two groups into 'light' and 'dark', plus 8 accent values which remain constant across light and dark instantiations. The idea is to easily transition from light to dark while retaining the same feel. The accents are variants of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet, and magenta.

This is the master repository of all the items I have developed. Each directory covers a specific colour scheme. It contains files related to the various ports that are available.

For specific use cases, please refer to the relevant GitHub project:


Terminal emulators running sample content (for actual GNU/Linux customisations, refer to my dotfiles)

alto light variant alto_light sample

alto dark variant alto_dark sample

archaic light variant archaic_light sample

archaic dark variant archaic_dark sample

bionis light variant bionis_light sample

bionis dark variant bionis_dark sample

blau light variant blau_light sample

blau dark variant blau_dark sample

camo light variant camo_light sample

camo dark variant camo_dark sample

caprice light variant caprice_light sample

caprice dark variant caprice_dark sample

cyprium light variant cyprium_light sample

cyprium dark variant cyprium_dark sample

equinox light variant equinox_light sample

equinox dark variant equinox_dark sample

ficus light variant ficus_light sample

ficus dark variant ficus_dark sample

flowerbed light variant flowerbed_light sample

flowerbed dark variant flowerbed_dark sample

fortuna light variant fortuna_light sample

fortuna dark variant fortuna_dark sample

gaia light variant gaia_light sample

gaia dark variant gaia_dark sample

hinterland light variant hinterland_light sample

hinterland dark variant hinterland_dark sample

hyperion light variant hyperion_light sample

hyperion dark variant hyperion_dark sample

magus light variant magus_light sample

magus dark variant magus_dark sample

nefelio light variant nefelio_light sample

nefelio dark variant nefelio_dark sample

neptune light variant neptune_light sample

neptune dark variant neptune_dark sample

noir light variant noir_light sample

noir dark variant noir_dark sample

ocarina light variant ocarina_light sample

ocarina dark variant ocarina_dark sample

oliveira light variant oliveira_light sample

oliveira dark variant oliveira_dark sample

orionis light variant orionis_light sample

orionis dark variant orionis_dark sample

overgrowth light variant overgrowth_light sample

overgrowth dark variant overgrowth_dark sample

playa light variant playa_light sample

playa dark variant playa_dark sample

seabed light variant seabed_light sample

seabed dark variant seabed_dark sample

sonho light variant sonho_light sample

sonho dark variant sonho_dark sample

symbiosis light variant symbiosis_light sample

symbiosis dark variant symbiosis_dark sample

termina light variant termina_light sample

termina dark variant termina_dark sample

vin light variant vin_light sample

vin dark variant vin_dark sample


Are you using any of these colour schemes with a terminal emulator or some other application? Perhaps you can write a template for the Prot16 Generator.

Contact me if you need any further information.


I was greatly inspired in my work by Ethan Schoonover's Solarized. My colour schemes follow his design philosophy of a 16-colour palette that can easily transition from a light to a dark variant.

The label "Prot16" is a play on my nickname and Chris Kempson's Base16.

Related project

Also check out Tempus themes. Tempus is a collection of themes optimised for Vim and terminal emulators that are compliant at the very least with the WCAG AA accessibility standard for colour contrast.


Colour schemes mainly for highlighting code syntax. Each theme uses a 16-colour palette. It comes in light and dark variants.





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