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Google Search Queries API to MySQL Database

This script allows you to download Google Search Query data to a MySQL database as shown in the Search Wilderness Blog by Paul Shapiro




  • Setup a blank MySQL database and insert the credentials into the script
  • Connect to your Google Search Console account:
    • Visit Google Developer Console
    • Create a new Project (it takes a few seconds to load)
    • Click Enable API and search for "Google Search Console API". Click the name, then Enable.
    • Click Credentials
    • Click OAuth Consent Screen and fill in your details
    • Click Create Credentials > OAuth Client ID > Other
    • Look for the new client ID and click the download button (down arrow)
    • Rename the file to client_secrets.json
    • Move it to the same directory as the searchanalytics2mysql script


You can use CRON to setup your script as a background task for recurring events. Download analytics data on the 1st of each month.

sudo crontab -e
0 0 1 * * /{path to your script}/searchanalytics2mysql

Press Ctrl + X then Y to save and exit the CRON file.


If your searchanalytics2mysql file is not running, you may need to change the permissions to allow execution.

chmod +x ./searchanalytics2mysql

Change Log

  • 2016/11/04: Improve README, script helpers and make an executable file
  • 2015/8/5: Updated script to work with the new Search Analytics API

Copyright (c) 2016 Paul Shapiro and contributors, released under the Apache 2.0 License