Python Wrapper for accessing uClassify services
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Python Wrapper for accessing uClassify services.

Currently supports following operation:

  1. Creates Classifier
  2. Classify
  3. Classify Keywords
  4. getInformation
  5. addClass
  6. removeClass
  7. Train
  8. Untrain
  9. removeClassifier


It is very easy to install pyuClassify.

    (pip install | easy_install) uclassify

... or in the traditional way:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd uclassify
    $ sudo python install


An example of how to use the API.

    from uclassify import uclassify

    a = uclassify()

    a.create("ManorWoman") #Creates Classifier named "ManorWoman"

    a.addClass(["man","woman"],"ManorWoman") #Adds two class named "man" and "woman" to the classifier "ManorWoman"

    a.train(["Her hair is so nice!!","I wish I had more cosmetic.","I like those ice creams."],"woman","ManorWoman")
    #The above function trains three sentences for the class "woman" on the classifier "ManorWoman"

    d = a.classify(["sample text1","sample text2"],"ManorWoman")
    #Now the list d will contain the following value [('sample text1', u'0', [(u'man', u'0.5'), (u'woman', u'0.5')]), ('sample text2', u'0', [(u'man', u'0.5'), (u'woman', u'0.5')])]


GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3)

Bug Report:

Issue it here: