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Clock + weather + AQI + traffic - on Raspberry Pi & e-paper Build Status

This is a forked project of waveshare-clock that only displayed clock and weather and supported only Waveshare 4.2inch B&W displays. This project enhances the original project to support Waveshare 2.7inch displays with red dye (BWR) and adds the following additional features:

  • gauges for current traffic drive times for two configured destinations (thanks to Google Maps API)
  • gauge for air quality index (AQI) of home location (thanks to API or World Air Quality Index API)
  • weather gauge can display:
    • current temperature + weather status icon plus forecast: daily min/max temperatures (thanks to OpenWeather API &
    • alerts issued by EU countries (thanks to meteoalarm - limited support for EU countries i.e. where ATOM feed is available)
    • alerts issued by governmental authorities - it works for the EU, US & Canada (thanks to API) DarkSky is being phased out - see below
    • warning about storms in defined vicinity (thanks to API)
  • buttons support to display detailed information about: weather, air quality, traffic and system information (on supported devices, i.e. 2.7inch HUT with switches)
  • font with relaxed license already included in the project

For both new gauges one may configure warning levels - in such a case the particular gauge becomes red (on supported devices, i.e. 2.7inch BWR).

Screenshots / Photos





More photos of the assembled e-paper 2.7inch display sitting on top of Raspberry Pi zero enclosed in a custom-built LEGO™ housing and running this project are here.

BTW, these LEGO bricks are almost 30 years old (!)

Hardware Requirements


  • install Raspbian on SD card using this instruction
  • enable and configure WiFi before you start the system - more here
  • enable ssh (but be careful - don't expose ssh port to internet, or change the password ASAP) - on SD card create ssh file, it can be empty (for example touch /Volumes/boot/ssh)
  • find the IP of RPi by scanning your local network or take a look at your router to find a new device connected to your network
  • SSH to your raspberry: ssh pi@
  • python 2.7 should be already present, you may want to verify this by running: python --version
  • check if SPI (required by display) is enabled: sudo raspi-config
  • install git: sudo apt install git
  • install python pip: sudo apt install python-pip
  • issue the command to fetch this project: git clone
  • go to the project directory: cd epaper-clock-and-more and install required python modules: pip install -r requirements.txt
    • if it fails then please try to analyze any error statements and follow instructions if provided
    • the most common issue is Pillow's requirement regarding libjpeg - if it is the case then invoke sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev and retry pip install
    • before you report a bug, try to google it first :)
  • rename to and edit to configure:
    • your home location (lon & lat)
    • two destinations to check traffic delays
    • a key for traffic information from Google Maps - you can get it here *)
      • it is wise to read Google Maps documentation
      • tl;dr: basically you have to enable Distance Matrix API - follow these instructions, then you have to enable billing for it - just go there - don't worry, they won't charge you if you are below the limits
    • a key for weather forecasts from OpenWeather - you can get it here or *)
      • One Call API is being used to replace DarkSky provider (see below)
    • a key for weather forecasts from - you can get it here *)
      • alternative weather forecasts provider
    • a key for weather forecasts from - you can get it here *)
      • DarkSky has been recently acquired by Apple since then no new submissions are being accepted
      • DarkSky is now in fallback mode (if no OpenWeather or key is provided) - it's been set as deprecated (should work until the end of 2021)
    • a key for Air Quality Index data from - you can get it here *)
      • alternatively you can use World Air Quality Index API - you can get it here *)
      • WAQI ( works as a fallback if you don't specify any token for Airly
    • by configuring meteoalarm related settings, weather forecasts can be supplemented with alerts originating from site
      • limited to EU countries that have ATOM feeds on above page (a limitation of meteoalarmapi library)
      • there might be issues (no readings) if chosen province name contains diacritic characters - to be investigated
    • type of e-paper device, whether it is 2.7 or 4.2 (by default it is pre-configured for 2.7" BWR)
    • tweak additional settings to:
      • prefer local temperature readings as served by Airly instead of weather provider(s)
      • display warnings using black font instead of white on red canvas (more readable if red dye faded out)
      • switch 2.7 BWR into BW
      • turn off displaying hours & minutes separator
      • enable/disable debug mode, buttons etc
  • run the script: ./ (hit Ctrl-C to exit) and verify if it works as expected
  • install this project as a service so it could automatically run when Raspberry boots up (more details here)
    • copy epaper.service to /etc/systemd/system: sudo cp epaper.service /etc/systemd/system/ **)
    • verify if service works by invoking the following command: sudo systemctl start epaper.service
    • enable this script so it could be run on system start: sudo systemctl enable epaper.service
    • reboot device to verify if it works
    • if you needed to modify epaper.service issue this command: sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    • logs can be observed in /var/log/syslog: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep

*) By default data are being fetched every 10+ minutes so they should comply with developer free accounts limitations

**) If your project directory is different than /home/pi/epaper-clock-and-more then you must edit this file to reflect the correct path

Tech details

2.7inch & 4.2inch support

Since the original project supported 4.2inch B&W displays only, the code has been modified to support also 2.7inch B+W+R displays. This has been done by adding a second red canvas and down-sizing the black and red canvases to smaller resolutions as required by 2.7inch displays.

2.7inch display refresh

E-paper 2.7inch by Waveshare does not support partial refresh and every modification of displayed data requires full refresh which takes around 5s meantime flickering a lot.

2.7inch display refresh made faster

You may try to turn on experimental feature to make display refresh much faster (10x quicker for black dye, 2-3 times quicker for red dye). This has been achieved by modification of LUT tables of original Waveshare library. The LUT tables are used by the display to create "waveforms" that refresh every pixel. This of course has negative consequences - the refresh isn't perfect (but still okey) and artifacts may build-up with time. To recover the display you would need to turn off this feature and run the project for a while using original LUT tables. To see how the tables were modified issue this command: diff

The idea of modifying the LUT tables has been described here for 4.2" displays. Since I don't have 4.2" display I didn't try to provide similar feature for it.

To enable this feature set the following environment variable: export EPAPER_FAST_REFRESH=true


  • rework (make it a class and gagues rendered w/o knowledge about their final placement)


Since this project is a fork, the original licenses still apply. The modifications and enhancements are being done under Apache 2 license.



e-paper clock + weather + AQI + traffic delays - using Waveshare 2.7inch & 4.2inch eink displays running on Raspberry Pi




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