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robinpaulson commented Feb 1, 2019

At present, a number of problems are represented with a small set of error messages, which are at best misleading. We will replace these with a set which are more representative and which hence assist the user to diagnose the problem. A number of issues contain these bugs; they are:

#349 Has an unhandled error

cmfcmf commented Apr 12, 2016

Cleanup and Minor Features

  • Remove deprecated methods and constructor arguments from the OpenWeatherMap class
  • Change ° C back to °C (The API should not be HTML aware.)
  • Add better error handling
  • Make sure to handle invalid data from OWM properly (#100)
  • #131
  • Remove population field from City.


  • Remove Examples and wr
pylapp commented Aug 6, 2019

The app is great, however it may be quite tricky for a projet newbie to learn quickly how has been created the app logic, specially for the data model.

Having inner documentation for each structure or class can be a good idea and should help contributors to be more efficient ;-)

For example I lost my mind a bit while trying to set a a feature allowing to have forecasts for a location ^^'

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