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Turns MP3s like this:

MP3s on my hard drive

Into YouTube Videos like this:

Videos on the YouTubes!

All you need is a couple Google API keys and a couple Python libraries. See below for dependencies.


usage: [-h] [--image IMAGE] [--category CATEGORY]
                       [--description DESCRIPTION] [--keyword KEYWORDS]
                       [--make-public] [--api-key-path API_KEY_PATH]
                       [--google-access-token TOKEN]
                       audio_files [audio_files ...]

Create and upload YouTube videos from MP3s.

positional arguments:
  audio_files           paths to the audio files to create video files from.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --image IMAGE         path to the image to use as cover art
  --category CATEGORY   YouTube "category" parameter to put the videos into
  --description DESCRIPTION
                        YouTube description for all videos (- to read from
  --keyword KEYWORDS    keywords, each in their own separate --keyword arg
  --make-public         automatically mark uploaded videos as public. Default:
  --api-key-path API_KEY_PATH
                        path to a YML file containing YouTube API keys
  --google-access-token TOKEN
                        pre-fetched Google oauth access token


First, get the code and its dependencies. (ffmpeg isn't bundled - you'll need to make sure that's installed yourself.)

git clone && cd mp3toyoutube
sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Then, spend a couple boring minutes to generate your API keys at the Google:

Finally, add those keys to a file called apikeys.yml:

mv apikeys.yml.sample apikeys.yml
vim apikeys.yml

And you're done!


Take boring old MP3s and turn them into YouTube videos.



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