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/nɔ.ti.fje/, as in the French verb "notifier", or "to notify"

by Peter Sobot ( on September 22, 2012. Licensed under MIT.

Notifyay is a simple, email-based website uptime monitor. Add some URLs to a config file, set your email address and API key, and you'll know as soon as your website goes down - and when it comes back up.

Inspired by the wonderful, which has since been taken offline due to capacity issues.

Requires a (free!) API key from PostageApp to send emails reliably.


git clone
cd notifyay
npm install
vim config.example.json
mv config.example.json config.json

To make sure everything will work properly:

node notifyay.js

To daemonize and run forever:

node notifyay.js start

To stop a running notifyay process:

node notifyay.js stop

##Config File Example

  //    Your API key here.  
  "postageapp_api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE",

  //    The interval (in minutes) between checks of every site.
  //    Note that if this is too small, you might hammer your
  //    site with GET or HEAD requests.
  "interval": 5,

  //    The sender and sender_domain attributes are combined
  //    as such to make the "From:" field:
  //    sender+<random>@sender_domain
  "sender_domain": "YOUR_FROM_DOMAIN",

  //    An array of recepients for every email.
  "recipients": ["YOUR_TO_ADDRESSes_HERE"],

  //    URLs to check. This is an array of:
  //        URL: null or a string to find in the body of the response
  //    If null is provided as a value, a HEAD request will be made.
  //    Otherwise, a GET request will be made and the response 
  //    checked for the provided string.
  "urls": {
    "YOUR_URL_HERE": null,
    "YOUR_URL_HERE": "string_that_should_exist_in_GET_body",


A simple email-based website uptime monitor.




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