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acceptance Merge pull request #2061 from puppetlabs/cmd-proc-refactor Sep 26, 2016
config/image_templates Merge pull request #1950 from melissa/ticket/master/PDB-2475-xenial-b… May 7, 2016
contrib (PDB-1612) Raise min puppet version to 3.8.1 Jun 17, 2015
dev-resources (PDB-2985) Bump to 0.4.2 of clj-i18n Aug 23, 2016
documentation Merge branch 'stable' Sep 21, 2016
ext (PDB-2988) Fix jdk 7 crasn on travis (again) Aug 19, 2016
locales (PDB-2632) add inventory endpoint and support for dotted fields Jul 29, 2016
puppet (PE-17059) Make sure that reports.noop flag is always set. Aug 11, 2016
resources (PDB-2932) queue metrics Sep 7, 2016
src/puppetlabs/puppetdb Merge pull request #2065 from aperiodic/pdb-3039-safe-certnames-in-fi… Sep 29, 2016
test-resources (maint) remove big-catalog.json Sep 14, 2016
test/puppetlabs/puppetdb (PDB-3039) DLO filenames won't exceed 255 bytes. Sep 26, 2016
.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/stable' May 14, 2016
.travis.yml (PDB-2988) Fix jdk 7 crasn on travis (again) Aug 19, 2016
Gemfile Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/stable' Jul 26, 2016
LICENSE.txt Add Apache 2.0 licensing information Apr 4, 2012
MAINTAINERS Add internal_list key to MAINTAINERS Sep 26, 2016
Makefile (PDB-2547) Add i18n scaffolding to PuppetDB Mar 31, 2016
NOTICE.txt (PDB-2592) Rebrand in doc mentions of Puppet Labs to Puppet. Apr 7, 2016
README.md Move how to setup and run PuppetDB unit tests Jul 12, 2016
Rakefile (QENG-3111) Make use of the PUPPETDB_DBTYPE CI variable. Nov 17, 2015
config.sample.ini (PDB-1996) Adjust docs for HSQLDB removal Oct 15, 2015
project.clj Merge pull request #2061 from puppetlabs/cmd-proc-refactor Sep 26, 2016



PuppetDB is the fast, scalable, and reliable data warehouse for Puppet. It caches data generated by Puppet, and gives you advanced features at awesome speed with a powerful API.

For documentation on this product, consult the latest documentation.


If you would like to contribute to PuppetDB, please take a look at our contributing doc


Community Help: Puppet Users Forum puppet-users@googlegroups.com, Puppet Community Portal

Tickets: https://tickets.puppet.com/browse/PDB