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Latest commit a5b6037 Oct 24, 2016 @kbarber kbarber committed on GitHub Merge pull request #2099 from senior/ticket/master/pdb-2810-update-sa…

(PDB-2810) Update benchmark sample data
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acceptance Merge pull request #2061 from puppetlabs/cmd-proc-refactor Sep 26, 2016
config/image_templates Merge pull request #1950 from melissa/ticket/master/PDB-2475-xenial-b… May 7, 2016
contrib (PDB-1612) Raise min puppet version to 3.8.1 Jun 17, 2015
dev-resources (PDB-2985) Bump to 0.4.2 of clj-i18n Aug 23, 2016
documentation (PDB-3062) Add command proc tuning FAQ Oct 13, 2016
ext (PDB-2988) Fix jdk 7 crasn on travis (again) Aug 19, 2016
locales (PDB-2632) add inventory endpoint and support for dotted fields Jul 29, 2016
puppet (PDB-3071) Log a warning if retired server/port config items are in use. Oct 10, 2016
resources Merge pull request #2099 from senior/ticket/master/pdb-2810-update-sa… Oct 24, 2016
src/puppetlabs/puppetdb Merge pull request #2099 from senior/ticket/master/pdb-2810-update-sa… Oct 24, 2016
test-resources (maint) remove big-catalog.json Sep 14, 2016
test/puppetlabs/puppetdb (maint) Pursue serialization failure in two places Oct 20, 2016
.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/stable' May 14, 2016
.travis.yml (maint) .travis.yml: require sudo explicitly Sep 28, 2016
Gemfile (MAINT) Bump beaker to 2.50.0 Oct 17, 2016
LICENSE.txt Add Apache 2.0 licensing information Apr 4, 2012
MAINTAINERS Add internal_list key to MAINTAINERS Sep 26, 2016
Makefile (PDB-2547) Add i18n scaffolding to PuppetDB Mar 31, 2016
NOTICE.txt (PDB-2592) Rebrand in doc mentions of Puppet Labs to Puppet. Apr 7, 2016
README.md Move how to setup and run PuppetDB unit tests Jul 12, 2016
Rakefile (QENG-3111) Make use of the PUPPETDB_DBTYPE CI variable. Nov 17, 2015
config.sample.ini (PDB-2948) Deprecate ActiveMQ Config Sep 30, 2016
project.clj (PDB-3077) Bump lein-ezbake dep to 1.1.3 Oct 19, 2016



PuppetDB is the fast, scalable, and reliable data warehouse for Puppet. It caches data generated by Puppet, and gives you advanced features at awesome speed with a powerful API.

For documentation on this product, consult the latest documentation.


If you would like to contribute to PuppetDB, please take a look at our contributing doc


Community Help: Puppet Users Forum puppet-users@googlegroups.com, Puppet Community Portal

Tickets: https://tickets.puppet.com/browse/PDB