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Package Sets

A curated list of PureScript packages for the spago and psc-package package managers.

⚠️ This repository predates the PureScript Registry and now exists only as a mirror to support legacy versions of package managers that use the package sets. To register your packages or add them to the package sets, please visit the registry. This repository no longer accepts pull requests or issues.

What is a package set?

A package set is a collection of packages in which there is only one version for each package, and the entire collection of packages compiles successfully together. A package set ensures you can always install a package from the set without introducing a conflict in your dependencies.

If you use a package manager based on package sets, that means that to install a package:

  1. The package must be in the package set
  2. The package's dependencies and transitive dependencies must also be in the package set

Adding your package

This repository aims to be a good collection of packages you can depend on. The package sets here are produced by the PureScript Registry, and we welcome all packages that can be successfully registered.

If you would like to add your new package to the package sets, please see the registry instructions for registering your package (it will automatically be added to the package sets, unless it fails to compile with the current package set). If your package has been dropped from the package sets and you would like to manually re-add it, please see the registry instructions for submitting a package sets update.

How do I use package-sets with spago?

spago is a package manager and build tool for PureScript which uses Dhall package sets. This makes them easy to extend and override.

With spago the package-set address is specified in the upstream variable of your local packages.dhall, which will usually import a remote packages.dhall, e.g. the one from this repo. You can change the package-set version you are using by running spago upgrade-set, or if you want to point to a particular version, spago upgrade-set --tag <tag>.

How do I use package-sets with psc-package?

psc-package is a package manager for PureScript that works essentially by running a bunch of git commands. It is not maintained by the PureScript core team and we recommend using Spago instead.

With psc-package the package-set address is set in the source field of a psc-package.json file, which should list the URL of a repository with a packages.json file in the root (such as this one). Your configuration should look something like this:

  "name": "project-name",
  "set": "set-name",
  "source": "",
  "depends": ["aff", "console", "prelude"]