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Backpusher 0.0.2

What is this?

Backpusher is a library for using Pusher to sync your Backbone models between clients, the server and other clients. For details, please read the article on our blog.

Breaking change in version 0.0.2

The change

When Backpusher syncs data via Backbone.sync(), it sends the socket_id of the client connection that initiated the sync. In version 0.0.1, this data was sent as a URL parameter. In version 0.0.2, this data is sent as a header.

Updating your code

Find any pieces of code that use the socket_id sent by a Backbone.sync() request. Update these pieces of code to retrieve the socket_id from the headers of the request, rather than the URL.


Backbone.js 0.5.3 Underscore.js 1.2.1

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