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This is a simplified version (= no dependencies) of the Trac/Github integration plugin


  • No additional dependencies
  • Get Timeline from the Git repository
  • Redirect code browsing and changeset viewing to Github (for Git changesets)
  • commit:e6eafd syntax in Wiki for easy links to commits


This plugin allows you to replace the builtin Trac browser with redirects to the GitHub source browser.

To install this Trac Plugin:

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone git://
  2. Install the Plugin:

    cd githubsimple-trac
    sudo python install   # ... or something similar
  3. Configure Trac by editing your trac.ini:

    githubsimple.* = enabled
    browser =    # your Github URL
    suppress_changesets = true
    local_repo = /path/to/local/repo          # optional
    secret_token = somesecretword             # optional
  4. (Optional) Clone your Git repo to some path in your Trac server, if you specified local_repo

  5. (Optional) Configure Github Post-Receive URL to:


    where somesecretwork should match what's in trac.ini. This will only invoke git fetch on the local_repo so that the timeline view stays up to date.

  6. All done.

Code Browser

The code browser portion of the plugin is designed to replace the code browser built into Trac with a simple redirect to the GitHub source browser.


This plugin intercepts the /changeset url, which allows using:



syntax in referring to Git commits.

It tries to automatically detect if the commit is a valid SVN revision number, and in that case points it to Trac's builtin source browser instead of Github. (May be useful for projects converted from SVN...)


You can set the suppress_changesets option to suppress SVN changesets in the Timeline view.

Also set local_repo and secret_token to get the Git commit log from a local repository. (Note that this mode has no caching -- it'll spawn git for each request, which you may need to remember if your server is heavily loaded.)