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A Diffbot client for Java.


  • Support multiple HTTP implementation, including Google App Engine URL Fetch, Apache HTTP Client and the default JVM HTTP client
  • Support multiple JSON parser, including Gson and Jackson 2
  • Support the Article API, Frontpage API, Image API, Product API and Clasifier API
  • Support the batch API
  • Published on Maven Central Repository

Getting started

Including the SDK in your project

The easiest way to incorporate the SDK into your Java project is to use Maven. Simply add a new dependency to your pom.xml:


Choose your HTTP and JSON implementations

In order to uses URL Fetch as your HTTP implementation (if your run diffbot-java-sdk on GAE) add to your pom.xml:


In order to uses Gson as your JSON parser add to your pom.xml:


In order to uses Jackson 2 as your JSON parser add to your pom.xml:


In order to uses Apache HTTP Client or the default JVM HTTP client, no addition are necessary.


Instantiate the API main class

The Diffbot class is thread-safe and should be instantiated only once. If the batch API is used it has to be instantiated only once as it store the list request to execute in a batch.

For example if you use Apache HTTP Client and Jackson 2:

	private static Diffbot diffbot;
	diffbot = new Diffbot(new ApacheHttpTransport(), new JacksonFactory(), "<your_dev_token>");

Direct API calls

To call the Article API:

Article article = api.articles().analyze("<web page URL>").execute();

To call the Frontpage API:

Frontpage frontpage = api.frontpages().analyze("<web page URL>").execute();

To call the Image API:

Images images = api.images().analyze("<web page URL>").execute();

To call the Product API:

Products products = api.products().analyze("<web page URL>").execute();

To call the Product API:

Classified classified = api.classifier().analyze("<web page URL>").execute();

If the Classified resulting object is of type Article, Image or Product it can be parsed as respectively as a corresponding Model:

if (classified.getType().equals(PageType.ARTICLE)) {
	Article article = classified.asArticle();

Batch API

The batch API allows to prepare multiple Article, Frontpage, Image, Product and/or Classifier request and to send them all at once. The batch API:

  • limits the number of API calls and reduces the network load, by avoiding http overhead for every request
  • slightly improve the performances if a lot of requests are executed

To prepare requests to be executed in batch:

Future<Article> fArticle = api.articles().analyze("<web page URL>").withTags().queue();
Future<Frontpage> fFrontpage = api.frontpages().analyze("<web page URL>").queue();
Future<Images> fImages = api.images().analyze("<web page URL>").queue();
Future<Products> fProducts = api.products().analyze("<web page URL>").queue();
Future<Classified> fClassified = api.classified().analyze("<web page URL>").queue();

At this point no call has been done to Diffbot. To obtain the results:

Article article = fArticle.get();
Frontpage frontpage = fFrontpage.get();
Images images = fImages.get();
Products products = fProducts.get();
Classified classified = fClassified.get();

The first line trigger one or more batch request (depending the concurrentBatchRequest value) that retrieves the results for up to value set to Diffbot.setConcurrentBatchRequest(<int value>) * value set to Diffbot.setMaxBatchRequest(<int value>) requests added since the last call to Future.get(). The second line doesn't need to do any API call if the result was retrieved during the execution of the fist line.

Note that this can be done concurrently by multiple threads. The Diffbot class is fully thread-safe.

Running the JUnit tests

In order to run the JUnit test add to your Maven settings.xml

	<diffbot.key><your API key></diffbot.key>

Change log


  • Fixed a bug with multi-thread on batch API


  • Error management improvement
  • Added the possibility to do multiple concurrent request to batch API


  • Added Image API
  • Added Product API
  • Added Classifier API
  • Bug fixes in Batch API


  • Changed the code structure, inspired and based on Google API libs
  • Updated to Article API v2

How to contribute

Reporting a Bug / Requesting a Feature

To report an issue or request a new feature you just have to open an issue in the repository issue tracker (https://github.com/vanduynslagerp/diffbot-java-sdk/issues).

Contributing to the code

To contribute, follow this steps:

  1. Fork this project
  2. Add the progress label to the issue you want to solve (add a comments to say that you work on it)
  3. Create a topic branch for this issue
  4. When you have finish your work, open a pull request (use the issue title for the pull request title)


The project is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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