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A PWC Generator for Laravel 5.5
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Laravel 5.5 PWC Generator


You need these technologies installed on your machine to use this generator:


The generator needs to be installed globally, and PWC will be capable to use it:

npm install -g pwc-generator-laravel55


  • Generates a customized Laravel 5.5 and Vue.js Project based on this repository: laravel55-basic
  • Generates all migrations, models, controllers, routes, form requests and policies
  • Generates the views and routes
  • Complete ACL with Users, Policies, Permissions, and Roles
  • Generates "Belongs To" Relationships with selects if element: false is not specified
  • Generates "Has Many" Relationships with Vue.js datagrid components if element: false is not specified

How to use

  1. First, you need to create a PWC Project File, that is a .yml file representing your complete project. You can see more details on PWC Documentation.
  2. Then you can navigate to the folder in that your project file is through the command line, and run the PWC passing this generator:
pwc project -f your-projec-file.yml -p pwc-generator-laravel55

These commands will:

  • Download the git repository
  • Install composer packages
  • Install npm packages
  • Compile the assets

Then you can follow the instructions on laravel55-basic repository to finally run your project.

To Do

  • Generate Tests



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