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Skeleton for Web UI experiments

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This is a skeleton for Web UI experiments. It uses Sinatra to compile CoffeeScript and SCSS on the fly.


  1. Get Ruby, Rubygems, and bundler. sudo apt-get install ruby-full sudo gem update --system sudo gem install bundler

  2. Install all the required gems. bundle install

  3. Start up the web server. bundle exec shotgun nohup bundle exec unicorn > web.log &

  4. Go to http://localhost:9393 and play.


CoffeeScript files go in the javascripts/ directory and are automatically merged into one big file, so you don't need to worry about exporting your classes.

SCSS files go into the stylesheets/ directory, and must be @imported in stylesheets/application.scss. CSS is sensitive to the order of the rules, so you're in control of that.

The main page is in views/welcome.erb. The server-side code is in app.rb.

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