A Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library
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Latest commit 67666e2 Oct 24, 2016 @alexwlchan alexwlchan committed with hynek Convert test_util to use pytest-style tests (#562)
Fix up the assert helpers, subclass from `object` rather than
`TestCase`, and then I had to rename the class -- pytest doesn't
pick it up with the original name.

Addresses #340.


pyOpenSSL -- A Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library

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High-level wrapper around a subset of the OpenSSL library. Includes

  • SSL.Connection objects, wrapping the methods of Python's portable sockets
  • Callbacks written in Python
  • Extensive error-handling mechanism, mirroring OpenSSL's error codes

... and much more.

You can find more information in the documentation. Development takes place on GitHub.


If you run into bugs, you can file them in our issue tracker.

We maintain a cryptography-dev mailing list for both user and development discussions.

You can also join #cryptography-dev on Freenode to ask questions or get involved.