Linear and non-linear image registration methods, using scipy and numpy.
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imreg, short for image registration, is a python package for image registration built ontop of scipy and numpy.

It is currently maintained by Nathan Faggian, Riaan Van Den Dool and Stefan Van Der Walt.

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The required dependencies to build the software are python >= 2.5, setuptools, NumPy >= 1.5, SciPy >= 0.9 and a working C++ compiler.

To run the tests you will also need py.test >= 2.0.


This packages uses distutils, which is the default way of installing python modules. To install in your home directory, use:

python install --home

To install for all users on Unix/Linux:

python build

sudo python install


Basic rules for commits to the imreg repository:

  • master is our stable "release" branch.
  • feature branches (or contributor pull requests) for each ticket on github are merged (into master) after review only.
  • tests for new features using py.test must exist before merges.


You can check the latest sources with the command:

git clone git://


Follow: Fork + Pull Model:


Follow: Shared Repository Model

Tracking an already formed branch:

git checkout -b localBranch origin/remoteBranch

Forming a new branch and pushing to origin:

git checkout -b localFeature

git push origin localFeature