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Pure Python wrapper to the Yajl C Library
Python Makefile



yajl-py is a Pure Python wrapper (implemented using ctypes) to the excellent Yajl (Yet Another JSON Library) C library.

yajl and yajl-py, allow for fast stream parsing of JSON files, which enables the parsing of large files, that would not fit in memory.


  • python 2.6 (or compatible)
  • yajl

To run the tests you also require:

  • make (to run make test)
  • nose (debian package == python-nose)
  • MiniMockTest (pip install minimocktest)


From within the current directory run:

python install

    - OR Alternatively -

pip install .

To install from pypi:

pip install yajl-py


The examples directory contains full featured JSON Parsers built using yajl and yajl-py. See examples/README.rst for more info.


The following people provided valuable contributions to this library:

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