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Selection of handy tools for the Bourne Again Shell
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Bashtools - Handy tools for the Bourne Again Shell

How To Use

First, make sure the repository is in the bashtools directory off of $HOME. Then stick the following into $HOME/.profile and log in again.

# Set to 1 for verbose, or 0 for quiet.

if [ -d "$HOME/bashtools" ]
    for file in "$HOME/bashtools/"*.sh
        test 1 -eq $VERBOSE && echo -n "Loading $file ... "
        source $file
        test 1 -eq $VERBOSE && echo "done"

Stuff That Isn’t Mine

There is some code here that isn’t really mine. Most notably, was copied from The Haskell Cabal. Little snippets here and there were probably picked up from coworkers, fellow hackers, and shell-scripting weirdos along the way.

As a result, I can’t really claim a license on any of this stuff. Is that bad? I’m not sure. Just take a look, learn from it, and use this code to do other cool things with your favorite shell.

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