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Allow to specify per-line --install-option in requirements.txt #271

dgerzo opened this Issue · 42 comments

37 participants

Daniel Gerzo Doug Latornell Day Barr Fredrik Jönsson d❤vid seaward Uri Bushey Conrado Buhrer Carl Meyer Mitar Ramesh nethi Grant Thomas richg Oliver Beattie Marcus Smith Eddie Welker Li Georgi Valkov phu Jay Taylor Adrien Guillo ENDOH takanao Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski Almad Yang Xiaowei and others
Daniel Gerzo


This is a feature request, which would allow people to configure a per-line --install-option in requirements.txt for individual packages. This is needed for example when the installation of the package listed in requirements txt needs additional options, like in case of pylibmc, where I need to pass --install-option="--with-libmemcached=/usr/local" on FreeBSD systems.

Passing --install-option="--with-libmemcached=/usr/local" to the pip install -r requirements.txt is a no-go as that makes other packages fail with an unknown option. This is something that makes it difficult to use pip on automated deployments.


Doug Latornell


I have exactly the same issue on OpenBSD deployments. Glad I checked before I wrote what would have been a duplicate enhancement request.

Day Barr


I asked how to get around this limitation on StackOverflow:

As well as allowing manual addition of --install-option to the requirements.txt, it would be nice to maintain the round-trip ability by having pip install "remember" what install-options were used, so pip freeze can then write the --install-option back to the requirements.txt so it isn't lost when adding new packages or upgrading existing ones.

Fredrik Jönsson

+1 I have exactly the same issue as daybarr above.

d❤vid seaward

+1 (although I wish github had an option to show support without having to add a +1 comment - is there a feature request for this somewhere that I could add a +1 comment to?)

Uri Bushey


This would be a great feature!!!

Conrado Buhrer


Carl Meyer

This is a reasonable feature, pull request welcome.

Conrado Buhrer conrado referenced this issue from a commit
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.


Ramesh nethi


Grant Thomas




Oliver Beattie

+1 (why oh why does GitHub not have a "plus one" feature)

Marcus Smith

Hello, I'm a pip maintainer and agree this is important. 1.3 is due out very soon, so it won't be in that, but it's very much on the radar for 1.4.

Eddie Welker

Awesome, thanks. +1 also.

Georgi Valkov

I'll have a go at this, but lets agree on a format first. Maybe:

# All args after '--' will be consumed and used for '--install-options'
pylibmc -- --with-libmemcached=/usr/local
# ... or more explicitly
pylibmc --install-options --with-libmemcached=/usr/local

There is also the matter of how -r --requirement lines should be handled.Should --install-options be recursively applied to all requirements in the requirement file? What if the requirements file sets install options of its own?

-r url://to/requirements.txt -- --with-libmemcached=/usr/local

Maybe I should also add line continuations to the requirement file parser?

pylibc==1.0.1 --install-options \
              --with-libmemcached=/usr/local \
              --prefix=/home/gv/.local \
Marcus Smith

I think this:

someproject==1.2 --install-option='...'

this allows us to support other options later if need be, w/o confusion.

-r url://to/requirements.txt -- --with-libmemcached=/usr/local

I'd say don't bother supporting that now. they can add the options into the lines in that file.

as for continuations, I'm open to that, but certainly not critical for this. I'd rather that be done separate.

Eddie Welker

Agree with everything @qwcode just said.

phu commented

+1 Also running into this. Will be excellent when pip supports it; for now using a sort of workaround found in the comments here:

Jay Taylor

+1 this is a considerable pain in the ass

Marcus Smith

understood, @gvalkov 's PR is in the 1.5 milestone (i.e. the next release)

Adrien Guillo


ENDOH takanao


I need --install-option=--static-deps option for installing lxml on Mac OS X 10.7

Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski

+1 to make graphite users happier


+1 for --egg with scons, otherwise uninstallable on heroku

Yang Xiaowei


Ed Johnson

+1 causing problems installing to heroku without this.




+1 how is this still not fixed?

Jay Taylor

@Ivoz I thought a fix for this was coming up in the 1.5 milestone..

@qwcode How long until the 1.5 milestone becomes reality?

Marcus Smith

@jaytaylor you got me. 1.5 is passed. didn't happen. btw, PR #790 was very close, but needs freshening at this point.

Brian Everett Peterson

+1 still to this, and hoping someone takes it on soon.

Ravi Hasija


Hi, do we know if there is any traction on this? Would this be available for Python 2.7 or would it only be available with later versions of Python?

Michael Floering

been a couple of months so - :+1:


Thread started april 2011!

Jay Taylor

It's been 5 months, so..


Jonathan Beezley jbeezley referenced this issue in girder/girder

Improvements to #561

Simeon Visser




Gilbert Wilson

+1 I have this issue with python-ldap on freebsd.

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