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* Upgrade the Setuptools version

That way, we can remove items from the manifest file.

* Simplify the manifest file


* pyproject.toml (now covered by setuptools>=43.0.0)
* LICENSE.txt (included by `license_files` and covered by setuptools>=42.0.0)
* (which is the file where the build is called)

* Remove from the manifest file

It is now included by default.

* Delete

This is no longer necessary. All the items are included by Setuptools.

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A sample Python project

Python Logo

A sample project that exists as an aid to the Python Packaging User Guide's Tutorial on Packaging and Distributing Projects.

This project does not aim to cover best practices for Python project development as a whole. For example, it does not provide guidance or tool recommendations for version control, documentation, or testing.

The source for this project is available here.

Most of the configuration for a Python project is done in the file, an example of which is included in this project. You should edit this file accordingly to adapt this sample project to your needs.

This is the README file for the project.

The file should use UTF-8 encoding and can be written using reStructuredText or markdown with the appropriate key set. It will be used to generate the project webpage on PyPI and will be displayed as the project homepage on common code-hosting services, and should be written for that purpose.

Typical contents for this file would include an overview of the project, basic usage examples, etc. Generally, including the project changelog in here is not a good idea, although a simple “What's New” section for the most recent version may be appropriate.


A sample project that exists for PyPUG's "Tutorial on Packaging and Distributing Projects"



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