A dropbox-like project using python and git.
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GitSync aims at providing an automated git-based synchronization system.
It watches the content of one or more git repository and add/remove/commit
the changes which are made there.

This way it kind of provide a similar service then dropbox or
sparkleshare but:
- in python (no mono-pile to install)
- in cron or using file system watch (set your frequency as desired or get
    the changes in in real time)
- in git (get real track changes).


== Dependencies

* Python2
    (tested on 2.6.6 & 2.7.5)
* pygit2
    (tested with 0.20.3)
* watchdog
    (tested with 0.7.1)

== Install the program

=== Link from git
The easiest way is just to clone the git repo and make a link from ~/bin
or /usr/local/bin to the gitsync.py file.

== Via the setup.py
Clone the source and install them simply using python setup.py install.

=== Via rpm.
Make a tarball of the project and run rpmbuild -ts <tarball>.
Install the resulting RPM via yum install <path/to/rpm>.

== Configure the program

You will need to specify in "~/.config/gitsync" the directories that you
want gitsync to watch (that will be the work_dir option).
Each directory should contain a git repository (cloned from a remote
origin or just local) and will be separated by a comma ',' in the list.
  work_dir = /home/user/Notes, /home/user/Articles, /home/user/Scripts

Then you can run gitsync as daemon using
  /usr/local/bin/gitsync.py --daemon &

This will watch for changes on the filesystem and add/remove the files from
the git repositories as they are added/updated/removed.

You may want to add --verbose to get some output and eventually redirect
them to a log file. It is now up to you ;-)

My workflow here would be something like:
1) setup gitolite
2) create the repo in gitolite
3) clone it
4) create the first commit by hand and push it to the remote repo
   (this will create the master branch, needed by gitsync)
5) setup gitsync on machine A pointing to the clone checked-out
6) repeat step 4 on the other machines
7) enjoy* ;-)

/!\  Please note that if one file is changed on two systems at once,
there will likely be a conflict in git. If gitsync cannot push to
the remote repo, it will say so and that will be up to you to fix
the git repo.

* This program is bug free of course but may contain some random features
if you face one of them and can reproduce it, please let us know. We will
decide wether to keep it or not ;-)