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Telegram MTProto API Framework for Python
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Elegant, modern and asynchronous Telegram MTProto API framework in Python for users and bots

from pyrogram import Client, filters

app = Client("my_account")

async def hello(client, message):
    await message.reply("Hello from Pyrogram!")

Pyrogram is a modern, elegant and asynchronous MTProto API framework. It enables you to easily interact with the main Telegram API through a user account (custom client) or a bot identity (bot API alternative) using Python.


If you'd like to support Pyrogram, you can consider:

Key Features

  • Ready: Install Pyrogram with pip and start building your applications right away.
  • Easy: Makes the Telegram API simple and intuitive, while still allowing advanced usages.
  • Elegant: Low-level details are abstracted and re-presented in a more convenient way.
  • Fast: Boosted up by TgCrypto, a high-performance cryptography library written in C.
  • Type-hinted: Types and methods are all type-hinted, enabling excellent editor support.
  • Async: Fully asynchronous (also usable synchronously if wanted, for convenience).
  • Powerful: Full access to Telegram's API to execute any official client action and more.


pip3 install pyrogram


  • Check out the docs at to learn more about Pyrogram, get started right away and discover more in-depth material for building your client applications.
  • Join the official channel at and stay tuned for news, updates and announcements.