🔥 Telegram MTProto API Client Library for Python
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Telegram MTProto API Client Library for Python
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Schema Layer TgCrypto


from pyrogram import Client, Filters

app = Client("my_account")

def hello(client, message):
    message.reply("Hello {}".format(message.from_user.first_name))


Pyrogram is a brand new Telegram Client Library written from the ground up in Python and C. It can be used for building custom Telegram applications that interact with the MTProto API as both User and Bot.


  • Easy to use: You can easily install Pyrogram using pip and start building your app right away.
  • High-level: The low-level details of MTProto are abstracted and automatically handled.
  • Fast: Crypto parts are boosted up by TgCrypto, a high-performance library written in pure C.
  • Updated to the latest Telegram API version, currently Layer 82 on top of MTProto 2.0.
  • Documented: The Pyrogram API is well documented and resembles the Telegram Bot API.
  • Full API, allowing to execute any advanced action an official client is able to do, and more.



pip3 install pyrogram

Getting Started

  • The Docs contain lots of resources to help you getting started with Pyrogram: https://docs.pyrogram.ml.
  • Reading Examples in this repository is also a good way for learning how things work.
  • Seeking extra help? Don't be shy, come join and ask our Community!
  • For other requests you can send an Email or a Message.


Pyrogram is brand new, and you are welcome to try it and help make it even better by either submitting pull requests or reporting issues/bugs as well as suggesting best practices, ideas, enhancements on both code and documentation. Any help is appreciated!

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