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🔥 Telegram MTProto API Client Library and Framework for Python
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When using importlib.import_module, Python loads the module from disk
only once and any subsequent call to this method will just re-import
the already loaded module from RAM. Wrapping importlib.import_module
with importlib.reload will make Python force-reload the module from
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Telegram MTProto API Framework for Python
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from pyrogram import Client, Filters

app = Client("my_account")

def hello(client, message):
    message.reply_text("Hello {}".format(message.from_user.first_name))

Pyrogram is an elegant, easy-to-use Telegram client library and framework written from the ground up in Python and C. It enables you to easily create custom apps for both user and bot identities (bot API alternative) via the MTProto API.

Pyrogram in fully-asynchronous mode is also available »

Working PoC of Telegram voice calls using Pyrogram »


  • Easy: You can install Pyrogram with pip and start building your applications right away.
  • Elegant: Low-level details are abstracted and re-presented in a much nicer and easier way.
  • Fast: Crypto parts are boosted up by TgCrypto, a high-performance library written in pure C.
  • Documented: Pyrogram API methods, types and public interfaces are well documented.
  • Type-hinted: Exposed Pyrogram types and method parameters are all type-hinted.
  • Updated, to make use of the latest Telegram API version and features.
  • Bot API-like: Similar to the Bot API in its simplicity, but much more powerful and detailed.
  • Pluggable: The Smart Plugin system allows to write components with minimal boilerplate code.
  • Comprehensive: Execute any advanced action an official client is able to do, and even more.



pip3 install pyrogram



Pyrogram is brand new, and you are welcome to try it and help make it even better by either submitting pull requests or reporting issues/bugs as well as suggesting best practices, ideas, enhancements on both code and documentation. Any help is appreciated!

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