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Example data sets for PySAL
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Example data sets and helper functions for PySAL

This module is pre-alpha and is part of a refactoring of PySAL.

Using pysal_examples

In [1]: import pysal_examples

In [2]: pysal_examples.available()

In [3]: pysal_examples.explain('baltim')
{'description': 'Baltimore house sales prices and hedonics',
 'explanation': ['* baltim.dbf attribute data',
  '* baltim.shp shape file',
  '* baltim.shx spatial index file',
  '* baltim.tri.k12.kwt Kernel weights using a triangular kernel with 12 neares',
  '  neighbors',
  '* baltim_k4.gwt Nearest neighbor weights (4nn)',
  '* Queen contiguity file',
  '* baltimore.geojson',
  'Point data, n=211, k= 17.'],
 'name': 'baltim'}

In [4]: pysal_examples.get_path('baltim.shp')
Out[4]: '/home/serge/Documents/p/pysal/src/pysal-reorg/pysal-examples/pysal_examples/baltim/baltim.shp'
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