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The qualifier task for our 6th Code Jam
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Winter Code Jam 2020: Qualifier

  • Code Jam information:
  • Sign-up form: The sign-up period for the Winter Code Jam 2020 has ended and you can no longer sign-up for the event. If you want to participate in a Code Jam in the future, subscribe yourself to the announcements of our community to not miss an announcement about the Summer Code Jam! You can do this by using the !subscribe command in the #bot-commands channel.

To qualify for the upcoming Winter Code Jam, you'll have to complete one of the two qualifier assignments we have prepared for you. You can pick the task you want to complete yourself. It does not matter which one you pick, so pick the task you like the most.

Note: If you visited this page before 2019-12-30, you may be suprised to see an alternative qualifier task. Don't worry, the initial qualifier task remains unchanged and your submission is still valid. We did add a test suite for the basic requirements of the task, so you may still want to check out the task's subdirectory.

The reason we added a second task is because a lot of people were asking for a simple project to get to know Kivy before the Code Jam starts. Kivy Core Dev Gabriel Pettier (@tshirtman on our guild) wrote a simple task for that and we decided to add it as an alternative qualifier.

Alternative 1: Parsing datetime strings

If you go with the first option, you will write a function that is able to parse datetime strings like "2019-12-30" and "2010-06-12T09:13:23". This qualifier is inspired by the ISO 8601 standard, although it's important to note that you will only have to implement the parts we've outlined in the assignment. You certainly won't have to write a complete ISO 8601 parser.

For more information, check out the alternative-1-datetime-parsing subdirectory.

Alternative 2: Writing a basic Kivy app

The second option involves writing a simple Kivy app in which the user is able to move around an image in the application window. The advanced requirements ask you to implement things like zooming in on the image and/or adding an option to load a different image from disk.

For more information, check out the alternative-2-kivy-application subdirectory.

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