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Metricity is an application for the Python Discord server which collects advanced metrics on the usage of the server.

Metricity only provides the collection of metrics, a service such as Grafana should be used to generate visualisations of the data.


You will need Poetry to setup and run Metricity. There is a Docker image available which has a working poetry installation.

There are two environment variables, BOT_TOKEN and DATABASE_URI. These should be set to the Discord developer token and postgres database URI respectively. You can also alter these configuration values by copying config-default.toml to config.toml and altering the values, this file should not be comitted to git, it is your personal configuration.

To apply database migrations run poetry run alembic upgrade head.

To run the application use poetry run start.

If you alter the models then use poetry run alembic revision -m "<What you changed>" --autogenerate to generate a migration. Make sure to check the changes generated are correct.

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