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Python Edinburgh Website

This is the code for the Python Edinburgh website. It is built with Python and Django.


The site has been designed to run on Heroku in production, and under Vagrant in development. You can run it without Vagrant, but that's not really recommended.

To get up and running, install Vagrant and Ansible (easiest to do with pip install ansible), then run vagrant up. This will set up a VirtualBox virtual machine, install and configure PostgreSQL and Python 3. It will also set up virtualenvwrapper and create a virtual environment called pew with all the development dependencies installed into it.

To start working with your installed site, do the following:

  • vagrant ssh
  • workon pew


The site is built as a 12 Factor app, so configuration is passed in via environment variables. To make it easier to work with locally, configuration can be stored in a file in the top-level directory called .env. The following will work in the Vagrant VM:


Once you have created your .env file, run the following commands:

dj migrate  # This will run the project's migrations on the development db.
djr         # This alias runs the Django development server.

Run Tests

Run make test to run the code checks & unit tests and print a coverage report. The alias djt will also run the tests without the coverage report or quality check.

Finding Your Way Around

The site's homepage can be browsed at http://localhost:18000/ if you are running the Vagrant VM. The admin site is configured to run at /admin.