Pure-Python HTTP/2 framing
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hyperframe: Pure-Python HTTP/2 framing


This library contains the HTTP/2 framing code used in the hyper project. It provides a pure-Python codebase that is capable of decoding a binary stream into HTTP/2 frames.

This library is used directly by hyper and a number of other projects to provide HTTP/2 frame decoding logic.


hyperframe welcomes contributions from anyone! Unlike many other projects we are happy to accept cosmetic contributions and small contributions, in addition to large feature requests and changes.

Before you contribute (either by opening an issue or filing a pull request), please read the contribution guidelines.


hyperframe is made available under the MIT License. For more details, see the LICENSE file in the repository.


hyperframe is maintained by Cory Benfield, with contributions from others. For more details about the contributors, please see CONTRIBUTORS.rst.