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This repository is archived 🗄 is now served as a static website. Look for it in the repo for PyCon CZ 2019 (or further years).

Circle CI

PyCon CZ 2015 -- early adopters version

Welcome! It's really going to happen this year. The Czech PyCon, local Python conference for anyone interested in Python programming language.

Join us

PyCons are community events. Everybody is welcome, anyone can contribute. You can join us on following channels:

Google Group mailing list is available for everyone. Trello is read-only for public and Slack is private. Send email to if you want access them.


  1. Setup development environment:

    npm install -g gulp bower
    cd static
    npm install
    bower install

(If you don't want to install system-wide, run e.g. npm config set prefix ~/.local/npm_prefix beforehand; then run the tools from ~/.local/npm_prefix/bin.)

  1. Run watcher:

    cd static && gulp
  2. Visit http://localhost:3000/2015/

This is needed because the development version doesn't have the 2015 redirect set up.

  1. Commit changes and submit pull-request

Publish to AWS S3 (authorization required)

master branch is published automatically to [][] and dev branch to [][] in CircleCI. If you want to do it manually, you need to:

  1. Copy aws.json.example to aws.json and provide credentials for your AWS IAM role.

  2. Build all static assets and publish them to S3 (domain [][]):

    gulp publish

Running gulp publish --production will publish static assets to [][].