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Czech Python community homepage.

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The code is Python 3 (the production Python version is 3.6).

$ git clone ./ --depth=10
$ cd ./
$ pip install -e .

It is recommended to start with a shallow clone as historically, this repo has contained a lot of rather large photos.


The site uses GitHub API. For certian pages to work correctly, you need to set the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to a GitHub Personal Access Token (no scopes needed).

$ export GITHUB_TOKEN=...
$ python --help


The site gets automatically deployed after any push to the master branch. It is frozen by Elsa. A Travis CI cron job (admin access) redeploys it daily, so any content of dynamic nature isn't outdated.

Authors & Contributions

This site is community effort and contributions are very welcome! See the Hall of fame for the most active contributors.

The site is backed by Pyvec, nonprofit organization dedicated to support of Python in the Czech Republic. Honza Javorek is the original author, core commiter and maintainer of