Database for Python meetups / Databáze pro Pyvo srazy
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This tool helps management of Pyvo meetups.

See for an example of the "database" this manages.


Install with pip:

pip install pyvodb

You'll probably also want to get some data to start with:

git clone


Set the location of the Pyvo database:

export PYVO_DATA=$PWD/pyvo-data

And then, you can query and modify the database:

  • pyvo show <city> [date]

    Show the entry in city for date.

    The date can contain just a year and month, if that's not ambiguous; or it can be missing entirely, in which case it's the upcoming meetup. See pyvo show --help for details.

  • pyvo calendar

    Show a pretty calendar of recent & upcoming meetups.

  • pyvo edit <city> [date]

    Opens an editor with the existing entry for city on date.

    (See mod for how date is treated)

  • pyvo rm <city> [date]

    Deletes the given entry.

    (See show for how date is treated)

  • pyvo --help, pyvo COMMAND --help

    Show all the options!

After using pyvo commands, you'll need to commit the changes to git yourself.


  • pyvo add <city> [date]

    Opens an editor for a new meetup at date, pre-filled using a template for city. (Templates are hard-coded in Python, for now.) After the editor is closed, save the file to the appropriate location (unless it's empty).

    If date is not given, and a meetup entry for city doesn't yet exist for the next month, pick the next usual date (defined in a template).

  • pyvo upload lanyrd <city> [<date>]

    Creates a entry for the entry for city at date. (See show for how date is treated).

    Needs Lanyrd credentials configured. (TODO -- how?)

  • Stabilize and document the Python API


  • Issue Tracker:
  • Source Code:


This project uses pytest for testing:

pip install pytest

The standard python test also works, but doesn't let you pass useful options like -v.


This code is under the MIT license