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Easily Install and Load the R Markdown Family
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rmd: Easily Install and Load the R Markdown Family

Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. CRAN_Status_Badge CRAN Downloads GitHub forks GitHub stars


Since 'rmarkdown' and 'knitr', more and more members (rticles, bookdown, mindr...) have been joining the R Markdown family. The installation and maintenance becomes annoying. With 'rmd' you can easily install and load them. Furthermore, 'rmd' provides a RStudio addin to explore the R Markdown family.

Forget R, and enjoy the wonderful world of R Markdown.

Quick start


When you install 'rmd', the R Markdown family members are installed in one single step:

# stable version:
# or development version:


>> Loading required package: rmd
>> -- Attaching packages --------------------------------------------- rmd 0.1.3 --
>>rmarkdown    1.11.2tinytex      0.9   
>>knitr        1.21xaringan     0.8   
>>bookdown     0.9citr         0.2.0 
>>blogdown     0.10mindr        1.1.10
>>rticles      0.6bookdownplus 1.5.4 


'rmd' provides an RStudio addin. Click the 'Addins' button on the tool bar and find 'R Markdown Family' under 'RMD'. A table of suggested R markdown packages will pop out. A package in a green row has already been installed. Click a row to install or remove the package.

Other functions


List of R markdown family members

If you made a useful package for the R markdown family, feel free to make a pull request on GitHub to add it to the list.

Package Date Added Description On CRAN? Author More links Notes
backyard 2019-01-27 A Web App for Easier Bookdown Collaboration Colin Fay Doc
beautifyR 2019-01-26 RStudio addin for formatting Rmarkdown tables Matthias Weigand Demo GIF
blogdown 2019-01-26 Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown Yihui Xie et al. Doc
bookdown 2019-01-26 Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown Yihui Xie et al. Doc
bookdownplus 2019-01-26 The shortcut to the R package bookdown for writing varied types of books and documents Peng Zhao Gallery
caseconverter 2019-01-26 Convert text cases to lower, upper, snake, camel cases strboul Demo GIF
citr 2019-01-26 Search a BibTeX-file and insert formatted Markdown citations Frederik Aust Demo gif
drposter 2019-01-26 Generate Academic Posters in R Markdown and CSS, inspired by 'reveal.js' Ben Bucior Demo pdf
gt 2019-02-07 Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from R Richard Iannone et al. Doc
insertImage 2019-01-26 Insert image into R Markdown with file chooser. Copy image file to project. Ludvig R Olsen
inserttable 2019-01-26 RStudio add-in facilitating insertion of nicely formatted tables in R markdown documents or plain R scripts. Lorenzo Busetto Blog Post
kableExtra 2019-02-07 Construct Complex Table with 'kable' and Pipe Syntax Hao Zhu et al. Vignettes
knitr 2019-01-26 A general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R Yihui Xie et al. Blog Post
mathpix 2019-02-13 Query the mathpix API to convert math images to LaTeX Jonathan Carroll
mindr 2019-01-26 Convert markdown files (.md, .Rmd) into mindmaps (brainstorms) Peng Zhao Slides
pagedown 2019-01-26 Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print Yihui Xie et al. Doc
papaja 2019-03-06 Provides document formats and helper functions to produce complete APA manscripts from RMarkdown-files Frederik Aust Doc
regexplain 2019-01-26 Interactive regular expression utility belt Garrick Aden-Buie Demo gifs
remedy 2019-01-26 RStudio Addins to Simplify Markdown Writing ThinkR How it works
rmarkdown 2019-01-26 Dynamic Documents for R JJ Allaire et al. Website
rmd 2019-01-26 Easily Installs and Loads the R Markdown Family Peng Zhao
rosr 2019-01-26 Create academic R markdown projects for open science and reproducible research Peng Zhao
RStudioConsoleRender 2019-01-26 Render an R Markdown document in the global environment Jeff Johnston Blog post
rticles 2019-01-26 LaTeX Journal Article Templates for R Markdown JJ Allaire et al.
stargazer 2019-04-10 Well-Formatted Regression and Summary Statistics Tables Marek Hlavac
splitChunk 2019-01-26 Split code chunk in R Markdown Ludvig R Olsen
strcode 2019-01-26 Insert code block separators and section titles Lorenz Walthert Demo GIF
thesisdown 2019-03-06 An updated R Markdown thesis template using the bookdown package Chester Ismay Doc
tinytex 2019-01-26 A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live Yihui Xie et al. Blog post
uniscape 2019-01-26 Convert non-ASCII strings to a portable format Mikko Korpela Screenshot
wellspell.addin 2019-01-26 Quick spellcheck with hunspell Clemens Schmid
wordcountaddin 2019-01-26 Count non-code words in Rmd documents Ben Marwick Screenshot
WrapRmd 2019-01-26 Wrap selected R Markdown text but don't insert lines breaks into inline R code TJ Mahr
xaringan 2019-01-26 Create HTML5 slides with R Markdown and the JavaScript library 'remark.js' Yihui Xie et al. Slides


Copyright Peng Zhao.

Released under the GPL-3 license.

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