Guide to Plugin Translation

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You can help qTranslate-Team to translate qTranslate-X multilanguage plugin for WordPress in your own language.

Most people use free program Poedit to do the translation. Plugin Loco Translate is very helpful as well.

WordPress provides its own tools to do the translation as well, which should probably become a most standard way to translate any item working under WordPress. You would have to join the WordPress team for your language in order to start translating, or create a team, if it does not exist yet. Please, explore this documentation, it could be your way to translate and then you do not need to read any further here.

All .po files to be translated can be downloaded from the folder 'lang' of GitHub repository. You may edit them anyway you are accustomed to and send us the result back through either GitHub or via e-mail. Using GitHub framework is preferable, because it allows to easily track and merge the changes, however, it requires some learning, unless you are already familiar with GitHub. In any case, the most important is to get the translation done, so use any way which is the most efficient and comfortable for you.

To contribute using GitHub, you need to have a GitHub account and to setup a GitHub client or GitHub Desktop.

To start adding or updating translation files in your language using GitHub, there is a simple 3 steps process as described below:

  1. Fork qTranslate-X
  2. Translate
  3. Submit Translation