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QUT Centre for Robotics (QCR)

A collection of the open source projects released by the QUT Centre for Robotics (QCR).


  1. Public

    Landing page for everything open source produced by the QUT Centre for Robotics.

    TypeScript 5 1

  2. benchbot benchbot Public

    BenchBot is a tool for seamlessly testing & evaluating semantic scene understanding tools in both realistic 3D simulation & on real robots

    Shell 108 12

  3. armer armer Public

    The Generic Manipulation Driver Package - Implements a ROS Interface over the robotics toolbox for Python

    Python 21 7

  4. ros_trees ros_trees Public

    Behaviour Trees for ROS with smart data flow management

    Python 12 4

  5. gtsam-quadrics gtsam-quadrics Public

    An extension of gtsam to provide support for optimizing quadric landmarks

    C++ 128 25

  6. ros-services ros-services Public

    A repository hosting the QCR ROS-Service useful for bringing up a robot system

    Shell 3


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