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⚛️ Quantum Information Science Kit for JavaScript, I was born as a clone of my big brother.


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Alpha: Until v1 breaking changes could be included.


📙 The basic concept of our quantum program is an array of quantum circuits. The program workflow consists of three stages: Build, Compile, and Run. Build allows you to make different quantum circuits that represent the problem you are solving. Compile allows you to rewrite them to run on different backends (simulators/real chips of different quantum volumes, sizes, fidelity, etc); and Run launches the jobs. After the jobs have been run, the data is collected. There are methods for putting this data together, depending on the program. This either gives you the answer you wanted or allows you to make a better program for the next instance.

If you want to learn more about Quantum Computing, you're invited to visit our Quamtum Experience project.


👜 The components of this repository are exposed as these libraries:

Qiskit for the browser

📥 All components are compatible with browserify.


Install lastest Node.js stable version (or LTS) and then:

npm i -g qiskit



🚀 The command line client allows to play with the circuits without having to use any programming language API.

qiskitjs --help
qiskitjs <command>

  backend [name] - Get latest calibration stats for a backend  [aliases: b]
  backends [onlySims] - Get latest calibration stats for a backend  [aliases: bs]
  calibration [backend] - Get latest calibration stats for a backend  [aliases: c]
  circuit <circuit> [backend] [shots] [name] [seed] [maxCredits] - Send the circuit to be run in the Quantum
  	Experience (  [aliases: ci]
  credits - Information about your credits  [aliases: cr]
  factor <number> - Calculate a factor of a number  [aliases: f]
  job <id> - Get the info of a specific job  [aliases: j]
  jobs [limit] [offset] - Get all your jobs. Ordered by creation date  [aliases: js]
  login [printToken] - Use an API key to get a token to make requests  [aliases: l]
  params [backend] - Get latest parameter stats for a backend  [aliases: p]
  parse <circuit> - Parse the circuit to our IR (intermediate representation - JSON format)  [aliases: p]
  queue [backend] - Get the status of a backend queue  [aliases: q]
  random [engine] [length] [format] [backend] - Generate a true random number among 0 and 1  [aliases: r]
  result <jobId> - Get the result of a background job generated by an algorithm method. The engine is ommited
  	because IBM Q is the unique which uses background jobs for now  [aliases: re]

  --help     Show help                                                 [boolean]
  --version  Show version number                                       [boolean]


📝 As you can see in the next section, we have to use it like in the rest of independent modules. The only difference is we need to select the proper field of the main object before.

const qiskit = require('qiskit');

console.log('True random numbers\n');

qiskit.algo.random().then(rand => console.log(`JavaScript: ${rand}`));

const cloud = new qiskit.Cloud();
cloud.login('YOUR_PERSONAL_TOKEN_HERE').then(() => {
  cloud.backends().then(data => {
    console.log('(IBM Backends');

    engine: 'ibm',
    custom: cloud,
    // default: simulator
    // engine: "ibmqx4"
  }).then(rand => console.log(`IBM Cloud: ${rand}`))

  engine: 'anu',
  length: 8,
}).then(rand => console.log(`ANU Server: ${rand}`));


👀 Full specification.


The actual version of the library.

  • version (string) - Version number.


A wrapper for the qiskit-qasm project.

  • qasm (object) - The same object provided in the original library.


A wrapper for the qiskit-sim project.

  • sim (object) - The same object provided in the original library.


A wrapper for the qiskit-cloud project.

  • Cloud (object) - The same constructor provided in the original library.


A wrapper for the qiskit-utils project.

  • utils (object) - The same object provided in the original library.


A wrapper for the qiskit-algo project.

  • algo (object) - The same object provided in the original library.



Original code (Python) authors here.

Other Qiskit projects



🐧 Qiskit is released under the Apache license, v2.0.

Do you want to help?

😎 If you'd like to help please take a look to our contribution guidelines.


⚛️ Qiskit (Quantum Information Science Kit) for JavaScript



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