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GO Framework to create an input/filter/ouput pipeline.


The goal is to provide a framework that allows to model generic ETLs inspired by Logstash.


The framework provides a tick-channel, ticking along every once so often (5s by default).

The Data channel moves messages from collectors to handlers and allows any number of filters in between.


Each plugin is its own golang project. Thus, it is easily written and interchangeable. Furthermore the plan is to allow the use of GOLANG plugins, so that each plugin can be build as shared object and dynamically loaded, without the need to compile it into the resulting daemon.

  • collector: Input plugin producing messages
  • filter: plugin to refine/alter messages from collectors or other filters
  • handler: output plugin to send/output the data

Plugins List

The following plugins are available.


  • docker-events Hooks into moby's /events API endpoint and parses incoming events like contianer.create or `network.attach. For now SWARM events are not provided, but there is already a PR against moby (former called docker) on github.
  • docker-stats For each incoming docker-event about a started container, this collector will spawn a goroutine to stream the /container//stats` API call. Thus, the collector gets (as close as possible) real-time metrics for a container.
  • docker-log Similar to the docker-stats collector, a goroutine is started for each container, which subscribes the stream of stdout/stderr output via the docker API.
  • gelf Collector for the GELF log-driver of the docker-engine. As it needs a container to be started using the gelf log-driver, the docker-log container is easier to handle.
  • tcp Opens a TCP port which should be used by a container to send messages like AppMetrics. By using the inventory filter the metadata will be added according to the remote-IP used by the container.
  • file Simple collector to tail a file.
  • internal Samples internal metrics of the GO program (like counting the goroutines, memory usage and such).


  • statsq Caches StatsQ (StatsD plus tags) metrics and flushes them as metrics.
  • health Keeps track of health messages within the framework and provides :8123/health endpoint.
  • inventory Listens to docker-events and keeps an inventory of all containers. Can be queried by other plugins sending ContainerRequests down the Data` channel.


  • id Relays the message - might be droped as it was used for reversing events.
  • grok Allows for matching messages with GROK patterns (typed RegEx, much nicer to use then RegExp).
  • docker-stats Potential filter to aggregate or transform metrics comming from the docker-stats collector.
  • metrics Assumes the keys name, time, value and optional tags and transforms it to a Metric


  • log Outputs to stdout of the daemon.
  • influxdb Forwards metrics to an InfluxDB server.
  • elasticsearch FOrwards QMsg to Elasticsearch.

Helper Libraries

  • qframe-types Definitions of structs and functions to alter them.
  • types Definitions of structs and functions to alter them. Should replace qframe-types.
  • qframe-inventory Inventory abstraction used by qframe/cache-inventory.
  • qframe-utils Little helper functions.


GO Framework to create an input/filter/ouput pipeline.




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