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* -- add 0.0.1 alpha version of Tab Sessions

* fix info.json

* fix json description

* minor bug fix with crashing if only 1 note in TS-tag

* add auto-focusing of related tag in the tag list, via new `jumpToTag()` method

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QOwnNotes script repository

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Here you will find the scripts you can directly access in QOwnNotes, the plain-text file notepad with markdown support and Nextcloud and ownCloud integration.

Please visit the Scripting documentation for more information about scripting and how to write your own.


To bring your script into the script repository you just have to do the following:

  • fork the repository on GitHub
  • checkout your forked repository with git clone qownnotes-scripts
  • duplicate the example-script folder and give it a more descriptive name
  • add your script to the folder and remove the example-script.qml
  • edit the info.json to add your meta data and describe what your script is doing
  • commit and push your changes to your repository
  • create a pull request to get your script merged into the QOwnNotes script repository