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Apex Linter for Salesforce
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Quantcast Apex Linter for Salesforce

At Quantcast we're interested in promoting the highest coding standards, and Salesforce is no exception.

This framework provides a simple and consistent framework for implementing code checks using regular expressions.

It automatically identifies both the line and character, and allows an annotation to override the warning as needed.

The initial release flags the following cases:

  • Object types as Map keys or Set members
    • SObject hashes are computed from field values.
      • Changes to field values of keys make Map values inaccessible.
      • For Sets, it causes Set.contains() to return false
    • Object hashes default to memory locations
    • These differences produce subtle bugs, so we recommend against the practice
    • However, we do allow it with a link to the issue documentation.
  • SeeAllData in tests
    • Creates situations in which test execution can conflict with production data.
    • Encourages DML in tests, which slows them down.
    • Row-locking data used by production systems can cause deployments and production processes to fail.
    • SeeAllData=false doesn't do anything in classes where SeeAllData=true!
  • No @future in test classes
    • Futures are scheduled in a small finite queue.
    • If "Disable Parallel Test Execution" is off, this queue can get full.
    • We recommend:
      • Use @testSetup instead of @future to avoid mixed DML issues.
      • Use Test.startTest() and Test.stopTest() to avoid "Too Many SOQL Queries".
  • A check for the obsolete testMethod keyword
    • Use the @isTest annotation instead.

Using the Apex Linter

To run the Apex Linter, you'll need Python 3.7.

To run it over the source tree:

    python3 -m apexlint src/

At Quantcast we run the Apex Linter on every pull request.

Contributing to the Apex Linter

We welcome contributions to the Apex Linter in the form of enhancement requests, patches, additional tests, bug reports, new ideas, and so on. Use GitHub issues to report bugs. and refer to the Apex Linter code contribution policy when contributing code.

Have Questions?

Post comments or questions to

Join Google Group to search archives:


Quantcast Apex Linter is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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