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QuantCDN Drupal module

This module acts as a static site generator for Drupal and integrates with the QuantCDN static edge, and is compatible with Drupal 9.x and 10.x.

QuantCDN is a global CDN engineered specifically for the static web and Jamstack.

It allows one-time compilation and push of an entire Drupal site, as well as tracking and pushes of ongoing content change; the simplest way to export and maintain a static export of your Drupal site.

Development, issues and feature roadmap occurs in the GitHub repository.

Installation and usage

Latest Drupal documentation is maintained on the Quant Docs site.


Quant comes with a number of submodules:

  • Quant API (quant_api) docs
  • Quant Cron (quant_cron) docs
  • Quant Purger (quant_purger) docs
  • Quant Search (quant_search) docs
  • Quant Sitemap (quant_sitemap)
  • Quant Tome (quant_tome)
  • Quant Webform (quant_webform) docs