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01_About_ESOS More details on the design and internal workings.
02_Screenshots Images of the ESOS text-based user interface (TUI).
03_Supported_Hardware List of hardware known to work with ESOS.
04_ESOS_Support Troubleshooting tips and where to get technical support.
05_Legacy_CLI_Examples Deprecated examples of using CLI for ESOS configuration.
06_ESOS_Development Information on development, contributing, and to-do items.
07_Articles Articles, and other documentation related to ESOS / "open storage".
08_Project_Roadmap Where this OSS project is headed and plans for the future.
11_Building How to build ESOS from source.
12_Installation How to install ESOS to a USB flash drive.
13_Upgrading Learn how to upgrade ESOS on your system.
21_Initial_System_Configuration Setting up after the first boot.
22_Advanced_System_Setup Extra and advanced system configuration options.
23_Performance_Monitoring Monitoring your ESOS system and performance statistics.
24_System_Customization How to customize your ESOS install or make atypical changes.
25_Routine_Maintenance Common maintenance tasks needed for your ESOS system.
31_Hardware_RAID_Setup Configuring hardware RAID controllers from the ESOS TUI.
32_Software_RAID_Setup Using the TUI to setup Linux MD RAID arrays.
33_LVM_Configuration Create logical storage volumes with Logical Volume Manager (LVM).
34_File_Systems_Configuration Use traditional file systems for "virtual disk files" in ESOS.
35_Hosts_and_Initiators Creating host groups and adding initiators.
36_Devices_and_Mappings Configuring SCST devices on your ESOS storage server.
37_Target_Configuration Enabling and configuring SCST targets.
38_ALUA_Configuration Learn about configuring SCST's implicit ALUA.
41_Advanced_Storage_Setup Replication (DRBD), VTL configuration, block layer caching, and more.
42_Cluster_Configuration Create ESOS HA arrays using the classic Linux cluster stack.
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