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Quedex Official Java API

The best way to communicate with Quedex Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange using Java.


  • Next to this documentation, please read the general documentation of our WebSocket API.
  • Quedex Exchange uses an innovative schedule of session states. Some session states employ different order matching model - namely, Auction. Please consider this when placing orders.

Getting the API

Include in your project as a Maven dependency:


Using the API:

To use the API you need to provide a configuration - the default way to do that is via a .properties file. An example may be found in - rename this file to qdxConfig.propertie, place on your classpath and fill in the following (the rest of the properties is done):

  • net.quedex.client.api.accountId
  • net.quedex.client.api.userPrivateKey

You may find your account id and encrypted private key in our web application - on the trading dashboard select the dropdown menu with your email address in the upper right corner and go to User Profile (equivalent to visiting when logged in).

Now you are ready to start hacking:

char[] pwd = ... // read private key passphrase
Config qdxConfig = Config.fromResource(pwd); // initialise the config from using one of the factory methods

MarketStream marketStream = new WebsocketMarketStream(qdxConfig);
UserStream userStream = new WebsocketUserStream(qdxConfig);

// register stream failure listeners

// start streams

// receive tradable instruments
marketStream.registerInstrumentsListener(instruments -> {

    // register and subscribe other market stream listeners
    marketStream.registerQuotesListener(...).subscribe(instruments.keySet()); // to subscribe all instruments

// register user stream listeners

// subscribe user stream listeners; see Javadoc for details

// play with the streams: receive events, place orders and so on

// once finished, stop the streams

Contributing Guide

Default channel for submitting questions regarding the API is opening new issues. In cases when information disclosure is not possible, you can contact us at

In case you need to add a feature to the API, please submit an issue containing change proposal before submitting a PR.

Pull requests containing bugfixes are very welcome!


Copyright © 2017-2019 Quedex Ltd. API is released under Apache License Version 2.0.