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assigning abbreviations no longer works #1342

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I'm trying to assign the abbreviation "cs" to "Current Selection" of proxy objects.

  1. quicksilver activate
  2. type "Current selection." Current selection for Proxy Object type appears.
  3. press tab, type "assign." "Assign abbreviation..." appears.
  4. press tab, free form text appears. enter in "cs" press enter.
  5. activate quicksilver again, type "cs"
  6. instead of "Current Selection," some other thing is selected.

(I'm using B71 3942 on OS X 10.7.5)

Quicksilver OS X member

You are right that it is currently not possible to assign abbreviations to any proxy objects. We are working on a fix.


@pjrobertson pjrobertson added a commit that closed this issue
@pjrobertson pjrobertson Add a 'resolvesProxy' bool for actions that shouldn't resolve proxies…
…. Fixes #1342

After a recent change (cd54162) all objects were being resolved before being sent to actions.
This shouldn't happen in some cases (e.g. assign abbreviation)
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