Professional interface of the Energy Transition model.
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The Energy Transition Model (ETM) Professional

This is the source code of the ETM Pro: an online web app that let you create a future energy scenario for various countries. This software is Open Source, so you can fork it and alter at your will.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Build Status


Master branch


Production branch


Staging branch


The ETM pro is released under the MIT License.



  • Ruby 1.9.3, 2.1.2 or 2.3
  • Mysql database server


  • Pull this repository with git clone

  • Create your personal configuration files from the samples with

    cp -vn config/database.sample.yml config/database.yml
    cp -vn config/config.sample.yml config/config.yml
    cp -vn config/email.sample.yml config/email.yml

    for the lazy:

    cd config
    for i in *.sample.yml; do; j="$(echo $i | sed 's/.sample//g')"; cp -vn $i $j; done;
    • Probably set "standalone" to true in "config/config.yml"
  • Run bundle install to install all the dependencies

  • Create and fill local database with rake db:setup and RAILS_ENV=test rake db:setup

  • Fire up your local server with rails server -p3000

  • Go to localhost:3000 and you should see the ETM pro!

Admin access

If you want to get admin access to your own page, the easiest way to do so is to create an Admin User through the console and follow instructions:

rake db:create_admin

Bugs and feature requests

If you encounter a bug or if you have a feature request, you can either let us know by creating an Issue or you can try to fix it yourself and create a pull request.