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📈 promplot

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promplot is an opinionated tool to create plots from your Prometheus metrics and automatically sends them to you.

Slack example:

promplot -title "Open File Descriptors" -query "process_open_fds" -range "7d" -url $promurl -slack $slacktoken -channel stats

Demo Screenshot

Currently the only implemented transport is Slack. But feel free to add a new one!

Usage: promplot [flags...]

Create and deliver plots from your Prometheus metrics.

Save plot to file or send it right to a slack channel.
One of -slack or -file must be set.

  -channel string
        Required when -slack is set. Slack channel to post to.
  -file string
        File to save image to. Should have same extension as specified -format. Set -file to - to write to stdout.
  -format string
        Optional. Image format. For possible values see: (default "png")
  -query string
        Required. PQL query.
  -range value
        Required. Time to look back to. Format: 5d12h34m56s
        Optional. Suppress all output.
  -slack string
        Slack API token ( Set to post plot to Slack.
  -time value
        Time for query (default is now). Format like the default format of the Unix date command.
  -title string
        Optional. Title of graph. (default "Prometheus metrics")
  -url string
        Required. URL of Prometheus server.
        Print binary version.


  • With Go:
go get
brew install qvl/tap/promplot


It's simple to create a shell script for multiple plots:


common="-url $promurl -channel stats -slack $slacktoken -range 24h"

promplot $common \
  -title "Free memory in MB" \
  -query "node_memory_MemFree /1024 /1024"

promplot $common \
  -title "Free disk space in GB" \
  -query "node_filesystem_free /1024 /1024 /1024"

promplot $common \
  -title "Open file descriptors" \
  -query "process_open_fds"

Mailing results

There is no mail transport built into promplot but you can use the Linux mail utility instead:

tmp="$(mktemp -d)"
common="-url $promurl -range 24h"

promplot $common \
  -title "Free memory in MB" \
  -query "node_memory_MemFree /1024 /1024" \
  -file ${tmp}/memory.png

promplot $common \
  -title "Open file descriptors" \
  -query "process_open_fds" \
  -file ${tmp}/fds.png

echo "Your daily report is here." | mail \
  -s "Daily server stats" \
  -a ${tmp}/memory.png \
  -a ${tmp}/fds.png \

And with a scheduler like sleepto you can easily automate this script to run every day or once a week.


Make sure to use gofmt and create a Pull Request.

When changing external dependencies please use dep to vendor them.


Push a new Git tag and GoReleaser will automatically create a release.

Thank you

to these helpful open source projects promplot is built on top of:



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