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git-fire 🔥


git-fire is a Git plugin that helps in the event of an emergency by switching to the repository's root directory, adding all current files, committing, and pushing commits and all stashes to a new branch (to prevent merge conflicts).

Alias it to git out or git going for comedic effect.

  • git config --global alias.out fire
  • git config --global alias.going fire

What It Does

  • changes directory to root directory of the repository
  • creates new branch fire-<current branch>-<user email>-<seconds since epoch>
  • adds all files
  • commits with "Fire! Branch <new branch>" or custom message
  • pushes commits to remote
  • pushes all stashes to remote


git-fire <message>

<message> is optional. If not specified, "Fire! Branch fire-<current branch>-<user email>-<seconds since epoch>" will be used.


Just copy git-fire to your $PATH and ensure it is an executable (chmod +x git-fire) and you're good to go. 👍

git-fire is also available via npm. Just run npm install -g git-fire, which will copy the git-fire binary to your $PATH.

Also make sure you have Git installed.


Your life is always more valuable than any code. You should leave the building immediately in a true emergency.

Code can be re-written, but humans cannot.


Originally seen on Hackathon Hackers Facebook group.

Original Reddit post

Image source | Printable Image | Artist: Ákos Szokodi

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