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Development discontinued!

Development of this project and the silbling project 'aded' has been discontinued, due to changed job conditions and out of focus of private interests.


Upcoming and past releases. Everything below 1.0 is unstable/beta/alpha...

Upcoming release 0.2:

  • Full functionality on Request lines
  • Tests for Requests

Release 0.1: Usable for Entity handling.

  • Register your handler
  • Do something with it.


To use this library you still need knowledge about the ADED contents or at least about the entities which you want to communicate. You still have to write converter classes from your data to a library internal structure following the rules described for the entity in the ADED.

Library purposes:

  • Read/Write ADIS formatted data files
  • Receive/Send ISOagriNet formatted streams
  • Interface for other programs which need to communicate through ADIS

Supported line types:

  • D - Definition
  • V - Values
  • C - Comments
  • S - Search
  • R - Request
  • T - Termination
  • Z - EOF

Currently unsupported:

  • E - End
  • F - File
  • I - Include
  • O - Output

Supported line states:

  • N - Normal
  • F - Failure

Unsupported states:

  • H - Header
  • S - Sync
  • D - Delete

Internal description

Lines are parsed using static and on-demand (value lines) regular expressions, with the hope for being fast even with big junks ADIS data.

The ADIS syntax structure is built within classes with some abstraction. ADIS structure and data are separated as far as possible and still linked too close.

Requests with needed composing of lines and ADED (see aded project) are the main construction areas currently.


  • ADIS ?

    • ADIS = Agricultural Data Interchange Syntax
  • ADED ?

  • da fuq? You've got still no clue what's this all about?

    • Either you are wrong here or you just need more information to learn about it...
    • More information (in German language!) at
    • Resources are quite rare, I just currently do not know any resource about this subject in English, I'm sorry.
    • Or the Book 'ISOagriNET für Entwickler und Entscheider' by Jürgen Goldmann.

License: LGPL.