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Blender addons collection

Note: this documentation is also available in French.

Note: throughout this documentation, the syntax "addon" is being used.


The BAddons repository contains addons (i.e. script snippets meant to extend functionality) for the 3D software Blender.

These addons are free and open-source (GPL-licensed, in version 2+), see LICENSE for more information.

Structure of the repository

The repository is organized as follows:

Main folder:

  • general repository files (.gitignore, README's, LICENSE).
  • a Pickle file, ADDONS_LIST.pkl, which contains a serialized representation of the repo's structure; it is used by the next file:
  • a Python addon,, which is intended to facilitate handling of others (dowloading, updating, deletion, etc.). See below.
  • various folders, containing each a Python addon. See below for more information about each addon.

Matpi's Addons Collection (Configurator)

The Addons Collection addon, sometimes refered to as addon master, has been written with the goal of providing to users a simplified way to manage addons of this repository within their own Blender configuration, f.ex. to keep them updated against latest released version.

Thus, a user taking advantage of this script only needs to download and install that one per hand, which will once enabled in Blender displays options to download and install others very easily and quickly.

Usage of this addon master is strongly recommended for a ultimate experience with BAddons items. Of course, downloading each addon separately is also possible.

Current Version: 1.1


Description of the addons

Name Description Current version
3DView_BorderLines_BMeshEdition Provides a way to highlight border lines (edges connected to exactly one face) of Blender meshes to help checking topology. 1.9
3DView_MeshStatistics Computes some information about current Blender mesh, i.e. volume, area, position of the center of mass. 1.0
3DView_SynchronizeViews Provides an option to lock viewpoint in a Blender 3D view region to the one of another view region. This addon is currently under heavy rewriting. 1.0
GameEngine_DecompileRuntime Re-extracts the original .blend file out of a runtime executable BlenderPlayer file; this i.e. proves that the "save as Game Engine Runtime" option is reversible. 1.0
GameEngine_LegacyStart Re-enables the 2.73-deleted option of starting the BGE from any rendering mode by pressing the P-Key in the 3D view. 1.1
Node_LocationPanel Displays the exact position of a node in its 2D space; this is more of a demo addon, probably useless to most of the users. 1.1


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